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Skeleton - 42mm Ghaith

1,978.00 AED

Skeleton - 42mm Saif

1,978.00 AED

Vintage Chrono - 38mm Abdulla

1,575.00 AED

HERITAGE - 40mm Hamdan

1,295.00 AED

Vintage Chrono - 38mm Khalfan

1,575.00 AED

Vintage Chrono - 38mm Salem

1,575.00 AED
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Vintage Chrono - 38mm Obaid

1,575.00 AED

Minimalist presents: High-quality Minimalist men's watches in Dubai

As one of your most visible accessories, your wristwatch speaks volumes about how you choose to present yourself. Our elegantly designed watches for men famous for its brand, will make the perfect addition to your look without the frills. Our catalogue features eye catching designs for all tastes and occasions, from the party wear to rugged explorer to the sleek urban look.

Minimalist – Elementally-designed branded watches for men in UAE

At Minimalist, we understand the close connection and pride you feel with your wristwatch. As a fashion statement, it plays a crucial role in how the outside world views your image. Our men's luxury watches are designed to elevate your look with timeless and universally appreciated designs.

As the perfect complement, our men's designer watches will make you stand out of the crowd without stealing the limelight.

Through our classy and Minimalist designs, we stay true to excel in the luxury men's watch industry. At the same time, we adapt and re-engineer our wristwatches to accommodate the needs of the modern man.

By combining legacy with innovation, we compete with highly expensive Men's watches to deliver the ultimate balance between form and function.

Where function meets style

A wristwatch is not only a fashion statement, but a functional accessory that you use every day. While we always aim to design - beautifully crafted watches that deliver memorable first impressions, we never compromise on quality.

All our timepieces are engineered using world-class techniques and facilities within the UAE. Our wristwatches perform flawlessly from inside out, keeping you on time and in fashion at home, office, social gatherings, or anywhere else you find yourself.

Our product catalogue caters